Samsung and Google Prepare Nexus Two

Google seems to be turning away from HTC, smartphone manufacturers Nexus from Taiwan.

Google and Samsung are reportedly preparing a new generation of smartphones Nexus, the Nexus Two. Rumored, Nexus successor will be launched 8 November in New York City.

Quoted VIVAnews from TG Daily, Friday, October 29, 2010, Google's second smartphone will be powered by Android version 3.0 (Gingerbread) as the operating system.

"I have talked to many reliable sources about this project. We share the same information. However, it seems that Google still wants to hide this info," Taylor said Wimberly from AndroidAndMe.

"Just imagine if Samsung only focus on hardware while Google took over all the software. That's what you'll get the Nexus Two," he said.

Wimberly own claim does not matter if many people do not believe these rumors. "Just wait on the game. Look at what happened two weeks," he said. Not only the TG Daily, many people not sure if Samsung Nexus Two as soon as this issue without any signs.

Samsung could have recorded his debut as one of the first vendor to release a Android phone Gingerbread. It would be very interesting if true, although not that launched Nexus Two prime.

If that is the Samsung designated Google as a partner manufacturers, automatic HTC officially no longer a producer of Google's smartphone. Indeed, some time ago, from the Mountain View Internet giant said it stopped to market the Nexus.

Google steps taken because of poor sales of the Nexus One, even though this phone could be one-awaited mobile phone. People think Google does not really jump into the mobile industry, in addition to just simply want to encourage other hardware vendors to support the Android platform.

At least Google's steps to make this popular Android is not in vain. Phone vendors to other computers in droves launches Android platform devices. Even for mobile phones, Android is now one of the Apple iPhone rivals.

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