Windows XP Firewall - How Good Work?

SUMMARY: System Windows XP already comes with a firewall. Is this firewall will protect your computer when connected to the Internet?

Although the Windows XP firewall is not adequate but better than none at all, you should consider using another firewall to protect your system, or replace (recommended) firewalls compatible with Windows XP!.

  • Firewall in Windows XP filter only inbound traffic. This means that if spyware attacking your computer, it can open a security hole on your machine when you communicate with the outside world. This has the potential to cause a system crash or identity theft.
  • Windows XP Firewall does not have more sophisticated features that can help protect your computer. Some firewalls can detect that foreign computer repeatedly trying to attack your machine, and eventually will block all traffic from the attacker. In addition, some firewalls may prevent you from accessing sites known to host with suspicious activity.
  • Some software programs are installed on the computer will always be an active link to the internet and continue to communicate with a remote computer in order to check and see the latest updates from the software into a piece of software that are available. Annoying communication is only to display advertisements or communications usage statistics for manufacturing software. Although the Windows XP firewall is not much support the security system, but many other firewall programs can be configured by the application to prevent the things that are not desirable.

Some software firewalls that can be used to protect the system include:

  1. Developing Zone Labs ZoneAlarm, firewall functions for personal use. You must carefully navigate the site to download the free version unless you choose to purchase the commercial (and stronger) ZoneAlarm Security Suite or ZoneAlarm Pro. On October 29, 2008, is still supported.
  2. Sunbelt Software Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall Own. you can try for free for 30 days, after which the program automatically inactive 'for the less powerful firewall unless you choose to pay the registration fee.
  3. Agnitum has a freeware version for their firewall software, Outpost Firewall Free. However, but this software was made January 15, 2006, and released in 2002 may have been insufficient for use with the development of spyware. 

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