Apple iPad Versus the Amazon Kindle

If you want to be in for a good ebook reader, then I am guessing the fact that you have already taken a good look at all of them out there and you noticed that when it comes to the ebook readers, they are not many to choose from. Many of us are looking for the best ebook reader and if we get to compare the best 2 of them on the market today, we will be in the situation of comparing the Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle. So what ereader will you choose? Well, we will need to take a better look at both of them and see what they can do.

Readability: Both of our devices are very much excelling at this chapter, but they are different in some regards. When it comes to the iPad, its screen is a very complex and good IPS LED screen that is backlit. When it comes to the Kindle, it just uses a standard screen that features no backlighting options. But regardless of this, I am prone to giving the Kindle the win here, for it is way better than the iPad.

You will see that the e-ink technology behind the Kindle will make the text look better than on the iPad and it will not cause that much eye strain when using it, as compared to the iPad. So when it comes to the technology, the Kindle is very much the winner here as it let us immerse in a very pleasant reading session and even after reading 3 hours my favorite book, Peter Pan, my eyes were still feeling great.

It doesn't mean that the iPad is to be left aside and when it comes to it, it still has a screen that will make many similar devices very jealous. In certain situations, the iPad's screen utterly blows the Kindle's screen away.

Ease of use: This is a point where both devices are very good and you will be let in a very pleasant experience. So, if you are looking to buy an e-book, then you will not have any problems doing so, for with both of these devices you can connect to a bookstore and buy the one you need in just a few seconds. But what is better about the Kindle is that you can take the books you want on it and be able to read them on any other device you want. This is something that you will never be let in on while using the iPad. Thumbs down and a slap for that!

Cost: Well, the iPad can cost between $499 and $799 while the Kindle is just $250. You do the math.

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