HP Photosmart D110A Wireless E-All-In-One Printer (CN731A B1H): The Definitive Review

All-in-One printers are very useful and great for multifunctional operations. If you're looking for a good all-in-one with a good bargain, excellent features, and a reputable name, I have a great suggestion for you. Why not get the HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)? It's a good printer that can give you basic features when it comes to printing, scanning, and faxing. Let's take a deeper look into this model and review its features.


It's very simple as it is - plain, quite trapezoidal, and black in appearance. Except for its LCD display, it's basically a plain black box. The dimensions of the device are 17.4'' x 15.85'' x 7.09'' and the weight is 10.32 pounds, easy enough to settle on any desktop or shelf.

The LCD display is 2.36'' and you can use it to edit and view your photos before printing them so you can print without the use of a PC. It's connectible to various storage media, making printing a lot easier.

Printing and Other Functions

The printer is a dedicated Photosmart device, and it can print great photos. You can print borderless on letter-sized papers to make the best home-made portraits of your family. Although the specifications of the printer indicates that the printing speed is 29 pages per minute for black documents and 23 pages per minute for colored ones including photos, there are complaints regarding the speed of this printer. Perhaps it also depends on the operating system of the user, the computer specifications of the user, and the age of the printer. As for me, I cannot say that the specified printing speed is accurate, but it's quick enough not to keep me waiting too long.

You can print directly from memory card on this device. It can access various sizes and types of memory cards so you have options for storage media devices. However, you can't edit the photos much because the printer has no Real Life Technologies, a trademark of HP Photosmart printers. You can still view your photos, though, and print them without a PC.

The scanner is a flatbed that has a resolution of 1,200 dpi for optical scanning, and for enhanced, up to 19,200 dpi. The flatbed can only scan white paper and there are some users having problems with the scanner not being able to save the scanned images into a single file. The actual problem is that the scanner can only scan letter size documents, and anything bigger than that might not be read by the device properly.

The copier can only produce 30 copies per each document. You have to set it again if you want to produce more. It also has no scaling so your copying functions are limited only to the original size of the file you're going to reproduce. The speed of the device is the same as the printer.
Other Features

Although it has an ePrint function, the technology has not been well-established and when you use it, it says that ePrint is "not yet available" or something. But you can still print through the internet because of its wireless connectivity, and you can also connect several internet-accessible PCs to the printer all at once. You can also print from a USB device for additional media storage options. The device is Energy Star qualified, and you actually help Mother Nature by using it rather than another model that's not Energy Star.

The major setbacks of the device are the no-fax function, the small scanner, and the printing speed. There are also some people who say that it's difficult to operate because you have to reset the printer every now and then or else it wouldn't work properly. I don't know about that, I have had no problems about booting my printer.


It isn't too good, there are so many other printers out there that can exceed its functionality and features, but the HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H) is a lot cheaper compared to those other models. So if you're looking for a wireless printer that's just for printing photos and documents with a little copying and scanning, this is the model I would suggest you to get. Anyway, I got mine for less than $60 and online retailers are selling it at a bargain price, so it's very much worth the money I bought it with.

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