How To Remove Peak Protection 2010 From Your PC - A Complete Tutorial

Peak Protection 2010 is a fake antivirus application that has been created to try and trick you into buying the fake upgrade of the program. Despite this virus looking & operating in a similar way to a legitimate anti-virus application, it's a total scam and will do absolutely nothing to help your computer. You will have got this virus from the likes of a fake email attachment, rogue download or malicious website; and need to remove it quickly to ensure that your computer can run as smoothly as possible again.

What Is This Virus?

Peak Protection 2010 is a common rogue program which will just install itself without permission or warning on your computer. It's a virus, but not a typical one - it's actually a "malware" (malicious software) infection which works by installing a functional software program onto your computer, and then using it to try and get you to either buy the full upgrade to the program, as well as stealing your personal information. The "features" (for lack of a better word) of this infection are that it will block many of Windows' features from loading, will also prevent you from accessing the Internet or running programs.

How to Remove Peak Protection 2010

There are two steps you need to take to get rid of Peak Protection 2010 from your computer. The first is to stop the program from running, and the second is to remove all the parts of the program which are allowing it to run on your PC. This can be done in most cases by first restarting your infected computer, and then loading it up into "Safe Mode With Networking". This is a special mode of Windows which allows your computer to run without any programs / drivers running, and will allow your PC to operate without the virus. After that, you need to remove all the files & settings the infection will have on your PC, which is best done with a malware removal tool.

The best way to get rid of Peak Protection 2010 is to use an anti-malware application to completely delete the virus and all of its settings. We've found a program called XoftSpy is the best to get rid of Peak Protection 2010 because of the way it's continually updated by its parent company. You can use this by downloading it onto your infected system, installing it and then letting it repair any of the problems inside.

You can Click Here to remove Peak Protection 2010 from your PC.

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