Canon HF S200 Vs Canon HF M300 - An Engineer Reveals the Difference and the Answer Will Surprise You

From both an engineering point of view and from a consumer point of view, which camcorder should you invest in? The short answer is that you couldn't go too far wrong with either one of these cameras, but you probably already knew that.

What you want to know is that when you get down to the nitty-gritty, what are the real differences and what are the pros and cons of each that are important? The HF S200 is roughly $300 more expensive than the HF M300. What do you get for this extra investment and is it worth it?

The seven basic differences that really matter:

1. The HF S200 has an 8-megapixel CMOS sensor vs. the 3-megapixel sensor of the HF M300.

2. The S200 has a much larger sensor (1/4 inch vs. 1/2.6) which means it works much better in low-light conditions.

3. The HF M300 has a better zoom lenses -- 15X vs. 10X for the HF S200.

4. The HF S200 has a noticeably larger LCD viewing screen -- 3.5-inches vs. 2.7-inches for the HF M300.

5. The touch-screen interface on the HF M300 is very frustrating to use until you get used to it - then it's only slightly frustrating.

6. The battery life is short for the M300 - about 45 minutes without the extended capacity battery.

7. The HF M300 can be purchased new for about $300 less than the HF S200. That means it's a LOT of camcorder for the money.

One last point to consider is that normally investing in a used camcorder can be risky with all of the moving parts, tape drive, etc., but in the case of these two video cameras, there's no tape drive and not much to go wrong. I would seriously consider investing in a used model of one of these cameras.

After all, within a year or two there will be new models out with new features you will probably want. It's not like you are going to be using this camcorder forever.

Bottom Line: As an engineer, I always want the latest technology available and if you really need the top of the line features (or if your budget will allow it), go with the HF S200. But the M300 is a lot of camera for the money and can deliver great results and is more than adequate for most video projects -- that is as long as you have good light and if you learn to use the touch-screen controls.

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Jerry Minchey is an engineer, author and researcher. He cuts through the hype and gets down to the bare facts to reveal secrets that are easy to understand using non-technical terms. He has written several books and produced several videos as a results of his research.

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