Can You Use An Apple Computer For Business?

A classic commercial parodying 1984 showed how people perceive Apple and PCS: Apple is for play, and PC is for the office drones. Unfortunately, that incorrect stereotype persists about these machines being reserved for a particular type of computing. However, a lot has changed since 1984. Macs are back and better than ever for workplace functionality. Due to new software options, decreasing costs, and the rise of internet computing, the Mac has become a viable workplace machine.

One of the original factors in the stereotype about Windows vs. Apple systems was the fact that Apple lacked the software necessary to get work done. After all, how could you accomplish office tasks without Microsoft Excel and Word? How could you present without Powerpoint? Now, however, that's all changed. Microsoft Office works completely on OSX, and that means you'll be able to do all the PowerPointing you want. In addition, the competent iWork suite of applications gives you more option to get work done. Professionals also know that, for graphics applications, Mac is king.

In addition to more software, decreasing costs have changed the computing landscape. Though bargin bin PCs are much cheaper than Apples, you'll find a few laptops that are surprisingly affordable. In addition, their resistance to viruses, wear and tear, and other woes makes them a better value. If you browse around, you'll find competitive prices for the hardware and refreshingly comparable ones on the software. There's a lot to look forward to.

Finally, internet computing means that there's more parity between operating systems. As more work occurs within the browser, more work is independent of the type of computer you're using. After all, any machine can run Google Docs, right? That also allows laptops to become the workplace machines of the future, further shrinking your price difference between Macs and PCs. These days, it's not unlikely that you'll reach the airport and see lots of businessmen playing around on their Macs.

1984 is long gone. Business is booming, no matter what computer you're running it on. Thanks to new software, price cuts, and cloud computing, you can work on any machine. It makes sense to work on one you love!

You can learn which computer is right for you by monitoring Apple price trends, as well as learn about word files in iWork.

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