How to Make a Time Lapse Video With a Digital Camcorder

If you want to maximize the functions that your digital camcorder has, it is really advisable for you to do some cool stuff with it such as making a time lapse video. However, doing something like this is not a normal thing for do most especially in the everyday life of a particular person. Because of this fact, this article will give you some effective and easy steps on how to make a time lapse video with a digital camcorder.

You are probably wondering what time lapse video is; if you are, you will be surprised to learn that this technique is usually done in various movies where they show a particular process that usually happens in a long period of time, but is made to fit into a short time in their video. One example is showing how flowers bloom; usually this process takes a couple of days, but with the mentioned technique movie makers are able to show the petals opening up instantly. One way by which you will be able to use this function in your own digital camcorder is by finding the Interval Recording option that is available for your use. When you want to record something that has a slow process such as the motion of the clouds in the sky, the best thing that you can do is to set the interval of every recording to be at most a minute, while the recording time should be as short as possible. If on the other hand you want to catch a process that happens faster, you need to make the settings the other way around - make the recording interval to be 15 up to 25 seconds, and the recording time 2 up to 3 seconds.

When you follow these tips on how to make a time lapse video with a digital camcorder, you will be surprised by how much you will be doing something like you normally see in movies.

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