4 Products Fail in 2010

Year 2010 that will end soon leaving the interesting stories around the business and economics. Technology sector in this year back into the sector showing rapid development. In the technology sector recorded some splashy events and amusing throughout 2010. Some of the following events may be your own experience and make you smile wryly. Enjoy! (23/12)

IPhone Antenna Gate

for the audience of Apple products, iPhone 4 is the most awaited product in the year 2010, but poor on the first day of sales, Apple directly received complaints from users of the iPhone 4. Some owners report, several times the signal reception is very bad, even disappear altogether.

Apparently the problem is related to the new antenna design that is applied on the iPhone 4. Apple makes the stainless steel lining that surrounds the device as the external antenna in hopes of capturing a better signal. However, touch the hand of the antenna can cause interference that would undermine the ability of signal reception.

Steve Jobs deliver information to consumers who protest to "avoid holding the iPhone the wrong way. " This is certainly unacceptable and not defuse protests from users who are already disappointed with this product. Although the time to insist that the iPhone antenna is not problematic, but finally on July 16, and a press conference, Jobs acknowledged that "We're not perfect. "

Microsoft's "Kill 'Kin

Microsoft Kin is Microsoft's smart-phone which reportedly require funds worth nearly 1 billion dollars for development and release. Age of this product is very short, only about 1.5 months. After its first launch on 13 May, the product was discontinued on June 30, due to extremely poor sales (some sources state that this product is only sold over 10,000 units). However, Kin is slowly returning to arise in the market on November 18th, though with a much lower price. Kin ONEm sells for 50 dollars while Kin TWOm only be priced at 20 dollars.

Kin is a QWERTY-style smart-phone is considered to have failed on the market. Target smart-phone market is not at all like it because the look, style, and operating system used is considered bad. Though the price adjustments that achieve a discount of 60% of original price, the sale of this device does not improve, Kin deemed unfit holds the status as a "smart-phone ".

The failure of Google's Doubles

Google Buzz is a Google product before its launch highly touted. This product was announced on February 9, 2010 at a news conference at Google headquarters in Mountain View and launched on the same day, at 11.00 am (local time) for the first wave.

Google intregasi Buzz is a social networking tool and a communication tool created by Google, designed and in intregasi to one of Google services ie Gmail. Links are divided and a message appears on the user's inbox. Buzz intregasi focus in her photos, videos, and links that take some of the aspects of the "conversation" of Gmail like a series of discussions or conversations on Google Talk. IT experts say that Google buzz to take some elements of social networking that already exists such as the ability of Twitter microblogging and the element of "Like" from the up with a simple view, map view similar Foursquare.

However, direct Buzz hated by Gmail users. Buzz breach of privacy because Gchat status should only be viewed by certain people who are permitted by the owner of the account, it turns out automatically appear on Buzz feed people who never send an email with the account owner who also uses the Buzz.

For the exploitation of this privacy breach privacy sued Google on 16 February. Fiasco has made Google must spend the settlement funds of 8.5 million dollars.

Not enough to make trouble with Google's Buzz feature, following the second failure in the features of Google TV. Who wants to relax on the sofa with a laptop on your lap? Is not the essence of watching TV is so that we could take a break from the computer? That's why 55% of users said in a survey that they "hate" Google TV.

Google TV also tripped over licensing issues from several television networks. Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC has reportedly pulled from their access to Google TV. Google was expected to announce the extension of cooperation with the network next month, but seeing the lack of agreement seems to interest the users will be delayed.

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