Mac Data Recovery From Loss of Data Due to Incompatible Photoshop CS2 Installation

Mac is one of the advanced operating systems of the recent time and is undoubtedly loaded with the most recent technology and features. However, many times, newer versions of some software applications have not been properly tested for compatibility with the previous versions of operating systems. Hence, running of incompatible applications may sometimes cause serious data loss situations and you may need any Mac recovery software to recover your valuable Mac data back.

This kind of situation usually happens with some of the new versions of Photoshop CS2 while installing them on older Mac OS X versions. You may receive an error message, following which the data in the drive becomes completely inaccessible. The error message, which you may have encountered can be as below:

"-Illegal Name error when you run Disk Utility"


The cause lies with some versions of the Macintosh operating systems, which report as illegal file names, when they read some of the particular font data in Vietnamese End User License Agreements.

These information resides inside the Legal or Legal.localized folder of the Photoshop application and the worse fact is that if these files are not deleted, it can result in severe file system corruptions. Thus the data in the drive lie in stake.


Just go to the below directories and delete 'legal' or 'legal.localized' folder:

-- Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2/
-- [Username]/Documents/Adobe Help Center/

Run 'Disk Utility' to repair any instance of file system error, which has already occurred.

After performing the above steps, if you are still unable to resolve the problem, you have to look into your backup server for any previously taken valid backup and restore the data from it. However, failing to find any valid backup, you need to run any reliable Mac data recovery utility to recover the lost or inaccessible data back.

These data recovery Mac software are developed with powerful programs to search and recover data from the troubled Mac drives efficiently. These utilities are completely read-only in all their operations and do not harm the data in the Mac media.

Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery is a highly reliable Mac recovery application, which can help you recover your lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible Mac data from any instance of the data loss. Moreover, the software is pretty compatible with all available Mac OS X versions and recovers data irrespective of the hardware or software limitations of the mac system.

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