Fix Svchost Exe Error - The Best Ways to Fix Svchost Exe Error With No Difficulty

Has your computer been suffered with the svchost.exe error? It is a common windows error that computer users might encounter, but once occurs, computer system is likely to slow down or shut down itself, depending on the severity of the problem and the capabilities of the system itself. So you have to be especially careful if the following svchost.exe errors flash on your computer screen:

"Svchost.exe- Application Error

The instruction at"0x7c918fea" referenced memory at "0x00000010." The memory could not be read." Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on Cancel to debug.


"The instruction at "Ox745f2780" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be read." Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on Cancel to debug.

About Svchost.exe and Related Error

This executable file is responsible for Windows operating system and it facilitates other programs that are not programmed to execute themselves. Therefore, getting error messages about svchost.exe is surely a signal that your system is attacked by virus or your registry is corrupted. If you continue to run this damaged system and don't fix the trouble, this potential risk will bring you more side effects, such as computer freezing, windows blue screen of death or even system crash.

Well, just take it easy! In this article, I will show you an effortless and effective solution to stop the disgusting error from occurring on your computer.

Run a Thorough and Deep Virus & Malware Scan

When you are surfing on line, some Trojan and malware would attack your PC and modify the registry for malicious purpose, thus, svchost.exe error occurs. To solve this, you can scan your computer as follows:

1. Restart the computer, but press F8 repeatedly to bring up a menu asking how you'd like to boot the computer. Select "Safe Mode."
2. Perform a full system scan with your anti-virus programs or spyware scanner. Being in safe mode will allow the scan to detect and remove more infected objects.
3. Click "Remove" once the scan is complete.

Verify the Settings of the Automatic Updates Service

Some investigations indicated that the problem is caused by a corrupted Windows Update in Windows. So you can verify the settings as follows:

1. Click on Start, Run and type the command "services.msc" in the open box and click OK.
2. Find the Automatic Updates service and double-click on it.
3. Click on the Log On Tab, select the "Local System Account" as the logon account and uncheck the "allow service to interact with desktop".
4. Enable the service under the Hardware Profile section in the Log On Tab.
5. Under "Service Status" on the General tab, the service should be Started, click the Start button enable it.
6. Repeat these steps for the service "Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)"

Fix the Corrupt Registry Entries

According to our research, mis-deleting registry entries can also cause such exe error. Therefore, fixing any corrupt registry items on your system is important for you to get rid of svchost.exe error. My suggestion is using the professional registry cleaner. This is the thorough way. The easy-to-use optimization tools can typically scan any obsolete or invalid entries in your system, and then automatically clean and fix dll errors and other computer mistakes. And you'll be surprised that your PC performance will be improved after using the optimization tool.

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