Get Rid Of Antivirus Security 2011 - Protect Your Computer From Malicious Programs

No matter who you are, if you own a computer no matter if you use it for work, school or just for entertainment you realize just how important it is to keep yourself protected from things such as viruses, malware and spyware.

Having the right protection on your computer is a necessary step to have these days, but surprisingly a large number of people out there still do not have the level of protection their computers need to prevent damage or access to your computer. At the same time, not every antivirus software that's available is exactly what you think it is. In fact there are several programs out there that look and act like antivirus, but the reality is that they are malware designed to try to make you believe that your computer is on the verge of crashing and the only available way to keep this from happening is to purchase this malware. This is exactly what happens with a program called antivirus system 2011.

Now, you may believe that in order for you to get a virus on your computer that you need to open or install something on your computer. The truth of the matter is that when you visit the site that has been compromised with antivirus system 2011 you don't even get an option. The malware is automatically installed in the background and starts scanning your system.

When it provides the results you are going to be shown a large list of issues and then told you need to purchase a copy in order to fix the issues. The truth is the only problem on your computer it is this malware and to stop it need to get rid of antivirus system 2011.

You will also and continuously be told that there active issues on your computer including things like:
1. Allowing for unauthorized access to your computer from an unknown location
2. The transfer of data either onto or off of your computer.
3. There has been a malicious program found and been blocked from operating.

Like any of the problems this malware shows you, all of them are just made for show in the hope that you purchase a copy of the software. In order to keep your PC protected from issues that you may not even be aware of when you visit a web site before it's too late. What you need to do is get rid of antivirus system 2011.

Here's how to remove this malware.

1. Start the computer in safe mode. You can do this by placing the F8 key as start-up. Once you have done this computer will display a menu. From the menu select safe mode with networking.

2.Once in safe mode upon your Internet browser and download a system registry scanner and scan your computer for antivirus system 2011 and get rid of it quickly. Once it is done you computer be safer, free from malware and will run faster.

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