Prospects of IT Jobs in 2011

Trade Analysts and HRD have predicted a tsunami of jobs in the IT sector. The prediction is that the use of IT becoming more widespread in all aspects of trade, market economy and home usage the jobs prospects for IT workers shall leap in the year 2011. The market figures predict overall hiring in It sector to be above 1, 50,000 jobs.

Some jobs in the IT sector are promising higher remuneration and better recruitment prospects such as
  •      Data Modeller- these people create programmes and models and design ways to efficiently handle process and evaluate material for companies as the need for more complex data handling and complex applications come in play.
  •     Mobile Application Designer/Developer-the growing popularity of smart phones and better network and data plans have created a huge demand for mobile phone applications. Thus mobile phone application designers and developers are in demand and can command good salaries in the year 2011.
  •     UX(user experience )Designer-As web based models are becoming important for business these professionals who create better user experience online shall become in large demand and command better remuneration.
  •     Business Intelligence Analyst-Analyst who can improve business models by studying market factors and business demands and chalk better methods of creating a more profitable business model are going to see an increase in remuneration.
  •     Business System Analyst-Those professionals who shall analyse and integrate new software and hardware to help enhance business shall be in the greatest demand and shall see a huge hike in their salaries.
  •     Networking Professional-As networking becomes a buzzword in the world of business and most companies requiring data and communication between partners and branches spread all over the globe networking specialist shall be highly sought after.
  •     Software Analyst- as software become more complex and demanding professionals who specialise in testing software shall become important for various corporations and shall find more job opportunity.
  •     Animators-The film industry is using more graphic animators and better renderers so these professional should see a rise in their hiring.

Thus we see an overall increase in Job prospects for the IT industry on the whole. As the demand for IT professionals increase so shall industries related to IT see an increase in job hiring. Training institutes shall hire more teaching staff as also office personal. Secretarial staff and also junior level administrative staff will be hired. The job prospects for the IT sector is indeed looking up and thus fuelling more improvements in technology and information. The requirement for computer scientists and also for hardware engineers and specialists shall see an upward swing. Manufacturing industry as a result of better IT job prospects for 2011 shall march ahead and thus increase economic growth which shall act as an impetus to the overall growth of Jobs in the IT sector in 2011.

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