Get the Solution to Fix RunDll Errors Quickly

When Windows attempts to load a file, but because of any reason, it unable to load the file then it will results to an error. If the reason that Windows is unable to locate the file then the existing error is known as rundll error. Most probably, the presence of undeleted or undetected spyware and malware result to such dll errors. Also there are other several reasons for the occurrence of such errors. Obviously, when your Windows is suffering from this error then you will look for how to fix rundll errors quickly. An automatic fix tool for fixing such errors is one of the best solutions.

Symptoms and Reasons:

When your Windows is suffering from rundll errors indeed there will be several symptoms on your system. Some of the symptoms of DLL Errors are such as pop up error messages, shut down errors, lock ups, screen freeze, boot up errors, slow pc performance, problems opening documents and many others. Also you will find an error message on your computer screen such as:

"Rundll as an app has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"
Whereas, the reasons for the occurrence of such issue are buggy software, a virus or worms, a drive error, spyware and many more. Additionally, an improper installation of any application or an incorrectly un-installation of a program can also result to such dll errors. Whatever the reasons, you have the best solution to fix the issue and that is automatic fix tool.

How to fix RunDll errors:

You can fix the issue either manually or by using automatic fix tool.

Manual Steps: Since it is possible that the Rundll error has been caused by improper installation or un-installation of a program, so fix the error by installing a new copy of program after proper un-installing the program. You can also fix it by restoring your system in back date. If still you are unable to fix the issue then you should go with automatic fix tool. Also manual step is not a reliable solution to fix the issue as your Windows can damage or corrupt while implementing any wrong step.

RunDll fix tool: This automatic fix tool is one of the best solutions to fix this dll error. It finds and removes malware that is running in active processes. It deletes Internet cached and history information. Also it stops slowdown, plummeting performance, and fix common errors by cleaning the Windows Registry. It reclaims space and memory by removing duplicate and temporary files.

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