Windows Linux File Net Boosters and Worms

There are a great amount of spyware and antivirus kits in the market that are able to ensure people the results they need from their Windows Linux Files. Among the different viruses present Worm.win32.netbooster is a critical virus that is circulated through internet to different systems present all over the globe. This particular Trojan or worm is affected when you click on advertisements and pop-up windows that appear when you browse different websites. These pop-up windows display messages stating that your computer is infected with harmful viruses and Trojans and a quick scan for full computer will reveal all the present viruses in the system. In order to clean these, you are required to purchase full version of the software.

The other way through which Worm.win32.netbooster occurs is by downloading freeware and shareware from different websites and p2p sources. This worm comes under the Windows Linux Files called malware. Malware installs particular software automatically when you click on pop-up windows or download freeware from different locations. This software returns a message stating that your computer is infected with harmful viruses that will damage the system and will also provide you the information that you require licensed version of this particular software to remove the entire virus, Trojan and other malware from your system. When your Windows Linux Files is infected with Worm.win32.netbooster, your system automatically comes down in efficiency and becomes slow while operating. You can observe this when you start up your system. The windows booting screen will take much time to log into the main window.

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