Know GPS And How It Works

GPS is not new in Indonesia, although in Indonesia are still not many have. If it is out there, most are already using GPS. Now GPS is not only a form of portable (pure GPS) but also has been pinned on a few smart phones such as BlackBerry, Iphone 4, Nokia N8, and much more. Actually what is GPS and how GPS work?

Understanding GPS brief
GPS itself is an acronym for Global Positioning System technology, which means a system that will help position our self existence. When compared, the GPS is the development of a map location that is manifested in the form of technology that uses satellites.

How it works GPS
Work system is by downloading stransmisikan GPS signals from satellites to the GPS device (GPS portable pure, or a smartphone that already has the GPS feature.) GPS requires the transmission of 3 satellites to get information on two-dimensional (latitude and longitude), and 4 satellites for three-dimensional (latitude, longitude and altitude).
Since GPS relies on satellites to work, then its use is recommended in the open. Use indoors, or in a place which prevents the satellite (in space), then the GPS will not work accurately and optimally.

Functions and advantages of having a GPS
GPS is already long in use in various navigation systems such as aircraft and ships at sea. However, because of the advantages of GPS that can show the location, length of trip that will be pursued, how much gasoline that will be required to take a trip, and various other benefits, GPS become a much sought public. Especially for those who frequently travel out of town.

Unfortunately, GPS has several weaknesses that still need repair. The weakness of the first, difficult to use GPS for those who use two-wheeled vehicles. And second, inadequate quality batteries when used for long distances. But for the battery problem, the solution already exists in the form of mobile charger. So GPS is used while in charge.

Have you have a GPS?

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