10 Computer Replacement Tablet iPad - Part one

Apple not only revive interest in the tablet computer, even a kind of hysteria has been created so that now all eyes are on a tablet computer.

There was no denying that IPAD is the charming and fun to use, but not everyone wants to buy Apple products and are influenced by their marketing tricks.

With that basis, we make ten iPad alternatives and put them in a certain order to prove that Apple is not the only one.

10. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle seems no real competition for the tablets with a feature complete as the iPad, but actually this is their origins. Apple iPad has more functions than just an e-book reader. So if that's the main reason you buy the iPad, you really should consider the latest Amazon Kindle.

The best development in the latest generation of Kindle Amazon Kindle is available in the UK, complete with shops Kindle in the UK to support it. Additionally a simple model, which is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, only sold about 1.6 million only! While the version equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G data only sold about 2.2 million alone, making it a very affordable alternative to a tablet e-book reader.

With 4GB of storage media, the Kindle can store about 3,500 books. With a battery life of about one month Kindle, iPads battery life of only 10 hours, should be unattractive. Characteristics of e-ink displays that allow it to happen. In addition, the eye is much easier to read on-screen e-ink rather than read an LCD display. The difference is the e-ink screen look gray and static.

So, if the main reason you're interested in buying iPad is as an e-book reader, consider carefully whether to buy the Amazon Kindle before spending your money.

9. HP Slate

Although it was promoted at the CES in January, HP Slate never made it to the production line. A few months ago everyone, including us, think that the Slate will be the main competitor for the iPad, but then rumors that HP has killed Slate flooding the web.

The original specification for Slate including Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and up to 64GB flash-based storage. However, the issue is the choice of Windows 7 as the operating system. Many people doubted whether the display quality can match the iPad.

Then HP bought the Palm and its WebOS platform, and rumors about a tablet device that is equipped WebOS Slate will replace flooded the internet. With WebOS, HP Slate might be able to compete directly with the iPad. Meanwhile, with operating system Windows 7, this product would be better suited to fill the corporate market.

Fitu-features in Windows 7 will facilitate integration with IT infrastructure in a company. This will enable corporate users to enjoy the experience of tablets, with functionality as a traditional notebook.

Is HP still intends to launch Slate, Windows-based tablets or with WebOS? We're still waiting to hear more about this.

8. Tablet 7 inches from Dell

Dell Streak has been established and will fit in better position in this list. However, last month, Michael Dell's exhibit 7-inch tablet device, which is also based on Android.

The details have not heard officially from Dell, but rumor says that this device sdh ready for production. What is the purpose of the Dell seems quite clear, that is probably because the 5-inch screen Streak considered too small for some prospective buyers tablets. By offering sailing 7-inch tablet, Dell entered the market for the same size category with Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Once there is clarity of the specifications for the new tablet, we will report it to you. However, given the reputation of Dell, we can expect a 7-inch tablet that impressive.

7. Viewsonic ViewPad

Viewsonic showcased tablet device ViewPad its 7-inch last month at IFA. ViewPad 7 Froyo running the latest version of Android 2.2, and backed by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has 600MHz speed., The screen used is a type of capacitive multi-touch, so you will be able to swipe and pinch at the surface. Connectivity owned is a built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G data. The latter is, require contracts with service providers data connection. This device is also equipped with a camera in front and behind, so that it can be used for video calls (video calls)., With a projected price of about 5 millions, many who view it not quite cheap compared with entry-level version of the iPad, but keep in mind that iPads 3G went on sale at a price of about 7.5 million, making ViewPad 7 is more expensive around 3 million.

6. Archos 70 Internet Tablet

Archos launches new tablet device last month Most importantly, Archos resistive screen technology finally discard and replace it with a capacitive screen technology that supports multi-touch.

70 Archos Internet Tablet is a 7-inch device, which seems to have the most popular forms today. Weighing just 300g and only 10mm thick, 70 sehinggaArchos far more portable than the iPad, and even of most 7-inch tablet.

There are two versions of 70 currently available Archos. The first version has a storage capacity in flash Bentu 8GB flash storage and is equipped with a microSD card slot for expansion. The second version is equipped with a 250GB hard disk, which can accommodate video, audio and images in sufficient quantities. On the negative side the HDD add 4mm thick and weighs 100g.

Archos 70 equipped with the latest Android Froyo 2.2, and like the previous Archos products, can not access applications on the Android Market, but must use AppsLib developed Archos itself. There is a built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, but no support for 3G data.

Continued on the next page: 10 Tablet Computer Replacement iPad - Part two

Please know: I put a price using the rupiah currency

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