Laser Printer Vs Inkjet Printers - The Ultimate Debate

When asked to make a decision between laser and inkjet printers, consider several variables, such as the tasks involved, your overall budget, and the amount of room you have to house your machine.

The Big Locomotive

Laser printers are luxurious, provide high quality results, and use a xerographic process to bond toner to paper. While initially the cost is higher than an inket printer; over the long-term, expenses are significantly lower. Toner is stored in special cartridges which provide a fairly large printing capacity. These printers produce excellent quality results with distinctive detail. Because of this superior detail, they are able to print even the smallest fonts clearly and produce excellent monochrome text results. However, laser printers are usually large and heavy and require more space than other inkjet hardware.

The Little Engine that Could

Inkjet printers are available in many affordable options, with basic models retailing for $100 or less, making them a cheaper alternative. Inkjet printers spray liquid ink out of cartridge heads in order to produce print. While they print slower than laser printers, they produce high-quality photos and other image publications. They take up less space and are moderately lightweight. An inkjet photo printer that produces standard-sized photographs can fit almost anywhere.

Laser printers are better suited for businesses due to their high quality output while inkjet printers are ideal for photographers and other creative people who want to print images. Determine your printing requirements, space and budget to choose the best option for your needs.

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  • So I'm a college student and know nothing about computers or printers or anything. I'm about to move out and am looking to buy a printer.. it sounds like a cheaper inkjet printer will do just fine for me? Little space, little money, and just need to print out papers.

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