Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working - Steps to Fix IE Not Responding Problem

Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular browsers that are being used by a lot of Windows users around the world. Although designed by excellent engineers from Microsoft, it still has some problems like not responding and crash. This article is to help you fix the IE not responding problem.

There are three main causes of the problem. I will explain to you the causes and you need to follow the steps below step by step to fix the problem.

IE Temporary Files
The first main cause is the Internet temporary files. Internet Explorer always store visited WebPages, images and files so that you can quickly visit a website that you have visited previously. But when there are too many temporary files, it can go to another extreme. And your IE will be slowed down.

What is worse, when it tries to open a file or page that have been deleted or damaged, it will be trapped in an endless loop and freeze up! That is one of the reasons why your IE stops responding frequently. To fix the problem, you only need to clean up the temporary files in your Internet Explorer.

Suspicious Add-ons
Another main cause of IE not Working can be IE Add-ons/Plug-ins that are installed in your Internet Explorer. Some of them can make your browsing much more convenient and faster. But some suspicious add-ons/plug-ins can make your IE very unstable and not be able to respond when you try to open a website. Removing dubious add-ons/Plug-ins can make your IE much stable and faster.

Registry Errors
And the third cause of IE not responding is the notorious registry error. When your registry is full of errors, your computer could be confronted with a lot of problems. It is likely that the registry keys and entries that belong to Internet Explorer have been damaged or corrupted. Then your IE will not be able to work properly. You need to run a thorough scan on your registry with your registry cleaner and fix all the errors in the scanning report.

The listed above 3 steps will help you resolve the problem. It is easy for sophisticated PC users to complete. If you feel it hard for you, you should use a PC maintenance tool to help you. That could be much easier.

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