How to Fix Windows 7 Slow Start Up

Is your Windows 7 slower on start up? Wondering how to make Windows 7 super fast? There are various reasons why this operating system performs slower but one common reason is that mostly it happens because of too many start up programs and services running in the background.

Below are outlined few steps to fix Windows 7 slow start up.

Ø Clean registry with reliable registry cleaner and system optimizer tool.

Ø You can manually shorten the list of start up items through following steps.

1. Click on Start button.
2. Go to Run.
3. Type MSCONFIG and press Enter.
5. In the System Configuration Utility go to Startup tab.
6. Here you can uncheck those programs you do not want to start.
7. Now go to Services and disable unnecessary Services.

Always be careful while disabling services because few of them are important for Windows.

Ø Defrag your system registry with third party PC optimizer.

Ø You may also use Disk defragmenter which is a separate thing from the registry defragmeter. You can ignore this step if your Windows 7 is relatively new.

a. Click on Start.
b. Go to All Programs and then Accessories.
c. Click on System Tools and move to Disk Defragmenter.
d. Done

Above steps are really helpful while to fix Windows 7 slow start up. However, there is one popular tool named Registry Cleaner and PC optimizer that you can use to fix this issue without spending too much time dealing with various components yourself.

Using third party tool is important because you cannot deal with sensitive part of operating system yourself. Mostly problems occur because of internal Windows settings. Even if you are successful by manually performing above steps, you cannot do that regularly.

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  • Good tips for speeding up Startup which is one of the most unbiquitous issues with PC users. For Windows 7, I would recommend a third party defragger as opposed to the native if the defrag task is serious (large heavily fragmented drives). This is because the built in defragger takes a very long time to finish,sometimes gets interrupted if other programs are run and lacks the kind of graphic display as was in XP.

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