Why Buy the Latest iPod Touch?

Christmas is near. Are you playing with the thought to buy the latest iPod Touch as a Christmas gift to your self? This new generation, the 4th, is the thinnest, only 7.2 mm,(0.3 inch), lightest, most fun IPod, Apple has built. It can give you over 40 hours of audio play-back and over seven hours of video play-back on a single battery charge. The features that makes this new little machine so unique are two (among many other )

The Retina 3.5-inch wide color screen and the 2 cameras.

The Retina screen has the highest resolution screen on any mobile on the market. The Apple engineers, created/invented very, very small pixels, only 78 micrometers across - pixels so small that, they hardly can be seen by the human eye. Because of that the screen looks very clear and all the images pretend to be razor-sharp.

Two built-in cameras.

One in the front, facing you, perfect for making self portraits,.The front camera gives you the possibility to make Facetime video calls with all your mutual Ipod Touch friends, and see them while you talk to each other. The camera on the back is capable of video recording in HD quality.

More features

Use it for surfing the internet, for e-mailing and listening to music during long boring journeys. Browse through the albums to find your favorite music. By the way, the Beatles music was just introduced to the iTune library! The Apple iPod was in the beginning designed for music, but then video was introduced, then phones and now video games! It is probably the most popular portable game player on the planet.

There are many built-in funny games but if that is not enough, download more from the Apple store (at very low price) Search a friend by name and you can see which games he is playing. You can then join him and play against each other. Behind all these possibilities is the new Apple A4 chip which gives you the all important speed. And this fabulous speed, is only one reason to buy the latest iPod Touch

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