A Slide Scanner - A Fantastic Method To Digitize Your Old Photos

A slide scanner is a device which can be connected to your computer or laptop that reads a conventional 35mm slide and provides you with a digital copy of the picture. Those devices could be compact standalone gadgets which are specific to the purpose of scanning slides, or they may be an attachment to a standard flat bed scanner.

Slide scanners are becoming more and more popular as more and more people take up digital photography and realize that they don't have electronic versions of their old photographs. The benefit of scanning a slide vs scanning a photograph is that there seems to be a lot better definition and less noise in the output photograph.

There are a variety of slide scanners available and these vary in price from a quite low budget to extremely high price, as is the way with most things nowadays and you actually do get what you pay for. If you do want to spend some more money it is possible to get a 35mm slide scanner, which has a built in drum that automatically feeds the slides into the scanner in almost the same way as an old slide projector would.

This kind of auto-feed scanner might be well worth the investment, should you have a large quantity of slides to scan. Another advantage of scanning those old slides is that you could then tweak the output images using application such as PhotoShop, which is something that would have been unknown when the pictures were originally taken.

For this reason a slide scanner might be the perfect gift for any enthusiastic photographer who has moved from a standard 35mm SLR to a latest Digital SLR camera and who's now comfortable using applications to get just the correct picture.

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