Advantages of LCD Screens

With the increasing demand and rapidly growing technology, large computer screens or monitors have seen significant drop in price. For instance, the price for a 21-inch monitor is reduced down in price to $600-$1200 which is a drop from $1500-$2000. In addition, the size of the monitor is increasing everyday like the one measuring 24" has become common in use.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) has gained huge popularity in recent years and most of the market analysts have a prediction that LCD will replace CRT in less than 5 years from now at least for those being bought new. There are several benefits that LCD screens offers in comparison to traditional CRT monitors except they are highly priced, which again is understandable because of the latest technology used. In addition, we all know as the demand will go up, the price will automatically go up rapidly.

The most important benefit of an LCD screen is it has significantly low radiation emissions that enable the monitor to be used in the environments sensitive to the radiation like hospitals. Another disadvantage of the CRT is its heavy weight with the increase in size. A 21" CRT monitor can be triple the weight of an LCD of the same size.

Another visual advantage of LCD monitors is the quality of image it produces. Because of LCD's cell level picture display, it has almost no flicker and very clear display quality. Because of cells placement per pixel, LCD monitors are costly to produce and hence the higher price. With the technological advancement and increasing demands, an LCD monitor will also offer competitive pricing structures in near future.

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