Windows 7 Boot Hang Problem

Windows 7 may hang on boot, on welcome screen or it may also hang on random basis while using certain applications. This is frustrating especially when you are working on something very important. There are various reasons why Windows 7 hangs during boot. Below are given few important guidelines you can use to fix this problem.

Malicious files may be hiding inside your system registry. Mostly users are not aware of an important thing about operating system that is registry. Registry is vital part of operating system where it stores information about all hardware and software configurations. When there is minor corruption inside registry then you may face problems similar to Windows 7 boot hang.

To fix the problem people use antivirus programs on their computer. But these security programs cannot show you hidden files inside registry. For that purpose you have to download a reliable registry cleaning software on your computer. After downloading the software you should scan your Windows registry.

If the problem is that Window 7 hangs while working on any program then it means that you are using too many programs at once. In fact these programs consume lots of virtual RAM and system is unable to handle. To fix this issue you have to minimize the programs you are using simultaneously. Otherwise you have to upgrade your RAM.

Another thing you can do is that scan your computer for viruses and spyware. There may be some virus inside computer. After running a system scan, use the registry cleaner that you downloaded before. Now scan and fix internal registry problems. What happens is that registry contains information and settings of Windows 7. When this database is cluttered then only registry cleaning program can fix it because manual cleaning is not possible and obviously its highly sensitive and complicated.

Are you sick of Windows 7 boot hang problem? Do you want to repair internal errors? Scan and fix Windows-7 boot error with Intel Software Partner RegInOut. Click Here (Download).

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