Top Samsung TV's for Christmas 2010

When it comes to big-selling TV's, Korean rivals Samsung and LG are usually battling it out for top place. Last year it was LG who won the battle, this year Samsung have reclaimed their title. In this article we look at the UK's top 3 bestselling Samsung TV's this Christmas and explain why they're so popular and which is the right choice for you.
It's hard to get reliable sales figures until after the event, but as seasoned industry watchers at Recommended Buys UK, our feel is that the top 3 sellers are (in order of price rather than sales numbers):
Samsung LE32C450
Samsung LE32C530
Samsung LE40C750
It's perhaps a sign of these austere times that two of the top sellers are 32 inch, and even the biggest is only 40 inches. These days you can easily find LCD TV's at sizes up to around 55 inches, so it's interesting to see that the most popular size in the UK remains 32 inches. The reason for this perhaps becomes clear when you consider the relative prices of these three models. Both of the 32 inch models can be bought for around £300, whereas the 40 inch screen costs more than double that, at approximately £800. It's not hard to understand people's buying patterns when the price gap is this large.
Here's another interesting observation: both of the 32 inch models are pretty much entry level, and are very well priced compared with rival manufacturers. But the 40 inch model isn't the basic model and in fact you can find 42 inch screens for less money, so there seems to be a bit of a divide between the people buying the LE32C450 and LE32C530 and those opting for the more expensive LE40C750.
Let's take a look at the three models in more detail and find out exactly what you get for your money.
Comparing the 32 inch models, the first thing to note is that the entry-level LE32C450 has a HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, whereas the LE32C530 offers Full HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels, so there's a clear difference between the two models in terms of picture quality. When it comes to audio, there's nothing to choose, with both models offering Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse compatibility and with down firing speakers with 20W total output. Neither TV has a dedicated subwoofer, so bass leaves a little to be desired and you'll enjoy better movie sound if you connect the TV to a proper home cinema system using the Digital Out connection available on both models.
Connectivity options are the same in both 32 inch models, with 3 HDMI sockets available for connecting to other HD Ready devices such as a Blu-Ray player or games console. Other options are a USB port, AV and component inputs, digital audio inputs and outputs and a PC input.
So, to conclude our short comparison of the LE32C450 and the LE32C530, the two models, although they look a bit different, are technically almost exactly the same, except that the LE32C450 costs £300 and offers standard HD, whereas the LE32C530 has the quite significant benefit of Full HD and costs, well, pretty much exactly the same. A smart person reading this article should be able to work out which is the better deal (hint: it's the Samsung LE32C530).
Moving on now to the 40 inch screen, this is a quite different kind of product, as you'd expect when you spend 800 quid or so on a telly. First of all, it's a 40 inch display instead of 32 inches (measured diagonally). For those of you who enjoy numbers, this means that the visible screen area is more than 50% larger. You'll be wanting Full HD resolution to fill this area, and the LE40C750 steps up to provide this.
But if you're counting the pennies (and who isn't?) you'll have already worked out that spending twice as much cash for only 50% more screen doesn't sound like a great deal. You'll be asking for more in return for your hard-earned, and the LE40C750 delivers. Top of the list of extra features must surely be 3DTV, giving you 3D images with the use of special glasses. Picture quality is also improved with Samsung's Ultra Clear panel and 400 frames per second motion.
For those of you who enjoy gadgets, the LE40C750 comes with plenty of toys to play with. There's Internet @TV, giving you access to video, music, social networking, news and games via an Ethernet cable or a wireless dongle to your home broadband internet connection. You can use your TV like a personal video recorder, recording onto a USB memory stick. Audio quality is improved compared to cheaper Samsung models, with the addition of SRS Theatre Sound. Connectivity options are also increased with a total of 4 HDMI connections.
So, in summary, all three Samsung TV's are bestsellers for a reason. Out of the two 32 inch models, we'd definitely recommend the Samsung LE32C530, as it comes with Full HD for almost the same price as the LE32C450. But if you can afford to spend more, then the Samsung LE40C750 is a fantastic TV, with a 40 inch screen, Full HD and 3D capability. The bottom line is that you won't be disappointed with any of these hugely popular televisions.

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